Current Top CD Rates Leaderboard

Doral Bank Direct this morning cut its 6-month CD rate from 0.92% APY to 0.91% APY.

That’s still by far, the best nationally available 6-month rate.

The online bank of Doral Bank, the leading community bank in Puerto Rico that also has five branches in northwest Florida and two in New York City, requires a $1,000 minimum deposit.

Here are the runner ups:

Colorado Federal Savings Bank (, which is an online bank based in Greenwood Village, Colo., pays 0.80% APY and requires a $5,000 minimum deposit. (, the online division of Landmark Bank in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., pays 0.80% APY and requires a $500 minimum deposit

Ascencia (, the online division of PBI Bank in Louisville, Ky., pays 0.78% APY with a $500 minimum deposit.

AloStar Bank of Commerce, (, which is an online bank based in Birmingham, Ala., pays 0.76% APY and requires a $1,000 minimum deposit.

Banks qualify for our rankings by accepting deposits from all savers, regardless of where they live, either online or through the mail.

Connexus Credit Union Internet CD

Connexus Credit Union has increased the rates on their internet CDs, but they added an interesting catch. The 6-month CD rate is now very competitive at 1.50% APY. The other rates are also competitive: 1.75% APY for 12 months and 3.00% APY for 60 months. These rates are listed at the credit union’s deposit rates page.

The catch is that these CD rates now require an “active checking”. Here’s how they define active checking in the small print:

Active Checking is defined as having at least 1 Direct Deposit of net pay, including salary, wages, government benefits or pension made to the account each month; having 10 checks and/or signature debit card transactions clear the account by the last business day of each month; and electing to receive eStatements.

Note how similar these requirements are to their reward checking requirements. So if you already have one of their reward checking accounts, you should be able to easily qualify for these CD rates. This CD probably makes the most sense for current Connexus Credit Union customers.

Broadway Federal Bank CD Specials

Broadway Federal Bank kicked off their online cd specials this month by giving the top cd rates of 3.05% APY for their online certificate of deposit with a 24-month term. Consumers can enjoy the best interest rate with an initial deposit of $1000. This offer is pretty fresh and is still featured on the banks website as of 8 July.

The bank is also offers other competitive money in the bank deal with their 24-,6-, and 3-month certificates of deposit which also give the best CD rates. These are offered nationally and interested individuals can call their customer service lines to verify the rates which may change any time.

The online application page gives applicants an option to fund their accounts via ACH but we received some reports that some account holders encountered some issues with their ACH system. They were advised by the bank to send the check via mail with a copy of their driver’s license enclosed. The account will be considered open upon receipt of the check.

Broadway Federal Bank based in California is known to launch pretty interesting offers. They just recently ended their 12-month CD deal that gave 2.53% APY. It will be best to ask the bank if they will be doing a hard credit pull upon opening an account. This might ding your credit score and we got some tips from some consumers that the bank did a hard credit pull.

Interested individuals can open an account online. The bank will require that you send in a valid ID like your driver’s license. The certificates of deposit can be funded via ACH or by sending in your check through the post. The bank will lock in the rates upon submission of the application.

Golden 1 Credit Union 5.50% CD

The Golden 1 Credit Union has started a new certificate special that has replaced its 6% special. This new one has a yield of 5.50% APY for a term of 55 months. The minimum deposit is $1,000. It’s also available as an IRA certificate with a minimum deposit of $500. The 5.50% APY requires members to have a checking account with direct deposit. Otherwise, the yield is 5.20% APY.

Membership is open to those who live or work in one of many counties in California. Employees of many companies can also qualify. Membership requires a minimum balance of $1 in the regular savings account.

Branches are located throughout the state of California including the cities of Sacramento, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Modesto, Napa, Oakland, San Francisco, Lincoln, Folsom, Fresno and Jackson.

The Golden 1 Credit Union is federally insured by the NCUA. It’s one of the largest credit unions in the US with $7.0 billion in assets and 685,722 members.

Highest Corus Bank CDs

Corus Bank made a large increase to its 12-month CD rate today. The 12-month CD yield was increased from 4.36% to 4.75% APY. There was a smaller increase in the 6-month CD yield, but the increase makes the CD the best nationwide 6-month CD from a bank. The new 6-month yield is 4.25% APY (up from 4.05%). The 3-month CD yield remained at 3.56% APY, and the money market account yield also remained the same at 4.00% APY. The minimum deposit is $10,000. More details are available at Corus’ rate table.

Corus has branches in Chicago, but accounts can be opened with an online application from any state. Initial funding must be done by check or wire transfer.

WaMu Increases Long Term CDs

Washington Mutual has increased the rate on its long-term Traditional CDs to 5.00% APY. The terms range from 48 to 120 months. The minimum deposit is $1,000. The rate may vary by state. You have to enter your zip code to see the rate table.

WaMu also has some competitive short term rates on its Online CDs which include a 4% APY 12-month CD.

Current Wachovia CD Rates

Wachovia Bank is featuring a 4.75% C.D. with a 5 year maturity. The CD features:

  • Minimum balance of $5,000
  • FDIC insured
  • Wachovia Security PlusSM
  • Automatic renewal option
  • Regular CD interest payments—monthly or quarterly

Aside from this 5 year promo CD, their other CD rates are quite low, ranging from 1.00% to 1.80%. These should definitely be avoided.

Flagstar Bank – 10% 6 month CD Rate

Flagstar Bank is advertising a 6-Month CD with a yield of 10% apy (annual percentage yield). The minimum opening balance required for this CD is $500 and there is a maximum balance limit of $2,500. Accounts must be opened with funds not already on deposit at Flagstar Bank.

To qualify for the CD, customers must open a new checking account. The offer requires customers to have at least 15 transactions, such as bill payments through online banking and other debits and credits except interest deposits, or at least $250 in direct deposit of income per month.

A $100 penalty will be imposted against the CD balance if checking account is closed before initial 6-Month Cd term expires. A penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal on the CD.

Pentagon FCU Top Share CDs

Pentagon Federal Credit Union has recently updated their share certificate rates. They are now offering a yield of 4.49% APY on their 7 year share certificates and 4.25% APY on their 5 year share certificates. They are also offering 3.75% APY on their 3 and 4 year share certificates. These yields are good for both regular and IRA accounts. The minimum deposit requirement for these certificates is $1,000.

Field of membership in Pentagon Federal Credit Union is offered to members of a large number of select organizations. If you don’t qualify for membership through any of these organizations, you can become eligible for membership in Pentagon Federal Credit Union by virtue of membership in the National Military Family Association for $20.

WaMu Current Top Certificate of Deposits

Washington Mutual currently has one of the highest CD rates for large online banks, with a 4.0% APY rate on their 6 month CD. This is a better rate than both Wells Fargo and Bank of America are currently offering. On top of this CD, they also have other certificates with rates ranging from 3.51% to 3.75% with 1 year to 5 year terms. Minimum deposit to open a CD with WaMu is $1,000.

To obtain the APY for the effective date on the day you apply, the Online CD account must be funded within seven (7) calendar days. If received on or after the eighth calendar day, the then effective date APY will be applied. Certificate of Deposit accounts earn a fixed interest rate and APY for the selected term. Fees may reduce earnings. Penalty for early withdrawals apply.